Diesel Dyno Tuning

What is diesel dyno tuning?

A custom dyno tune is the process of modifying the standard files & software within the car's engine computer (called an “ECU”) to enhance & optimise the engine. This is to provide more torque, more power, more response, better driveability & better fuel economy for the vehicle.

What does diesel tune do?

In essence, all diesel tuning to increase engine torque (and therefore Power) is achieved by getting more fuel into the engine or altering the point at which the fuel is injected in the combustion stroke (Injection Timing)

What is a dyno tune?

A dyno tune is where you make adjustments to your motorcycles key aspects such as, ignition, fuel level and air supply. With these adjustments, your bike will perform at top notch with achieving highest horse power levels and showcase some serious torque all while maintaining optimal air fuel ratio.