Being the Turbo Repair Experts.

What does it take to be an expert in repairing Turbo's

When replacing a turbocharger with a new one often challenges the possibility of carrying out a minor or major turbocharger renovation. Full overhauling or minor repairs of the turbocharger in most cases will save money when repairing the car.

From own experience, experts know that a completely renovated turbocharger will serve no worse than a new one. The experience of observation showed that the difference in the service life between the new and the reconditioned turbocharger is insignificant or completely absent. In addition, it is already difficult to buy a lot of turbos and sometimes it is simply impossible to find them because of the removal of those from production.


Our company has a network of equipped, modern repair shops that produce high-quality, professional repair of faulty turbochargers of all leading brands of cars. Turbo Stallion repairs and rebuilds faulty turbos of world brands, Garrett by Honeywell, Mitsubishi, Toyota and other less well-known manufacturers. Based on long experience of work and our strict quality policy, we provide only high-quality services for repair and reconditioning of turbochargers. Professional repairs of turbochargers are carried out by qualified, specially trained personnel using the most modern and reliable equipment. Turbo Stallion specialists will advise you on the repair and operation of the turbocharger, help determine the causes of the turbocharger malfunction, conduct a full diagnosis and evaluate all the characteristics of the turbocharger and its parts. Thanks to first-class modern equipment our specialists will cope with any task of restoring your turbocharger and eliminate turbo malfunctions of any complexity.

For all performed works on repair of turbochargers, our company provides a long-term guarantee with compliance with our quality policy.

Fast, high-quality and inexpensive repair of turbochargers is the sphere of activity of professionals

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