UP TO 25% increase in Power!!

Everyone likes a little more Power. Here at Stallion Turbos we are all about Power and providing it in the best possible way. When it comes to Upgrades, we know what we are talking about, with countless years of experience, we can upgrade almost every single Turbocharger. Be it Diesel or Petrol, a passenger vehicle, truck, bakkie, SUV, cruiser, bike, train, boat, you name it and we do it.
If you are thinking of having your Turbocharger repaired why not have it upgraded at the same time? Upgrades ensure increased reliability and performance.

Our Upgrades include the following:

Larger Turbine Wheel (Where applicable) Ported shroud conversion (Where applicable) Turbine wheel cutback

There are a few more added modifications that can be done (on request), but will not be mentioned here, for information's sake they are:

Some Companies refer to Upgrades as Hybrids. In a way, it is a Hybrid because the same size (The space it occupies) Turbocharger can now be modified with increased durability and performance, hence the name Hybrid.
Although not to be confused with the new electric Turbochargers